Arash John Sammander


Lead Game Designer
Rockway Oy
08.2014- current
Research, design, prototype, and develop educational music software.

Game Design Teacher / Mentor
Espoo School of Art
07.2012- current
Introduce, foster, and strengthen Finland’s future game designers through open ended learning and self paced group projects. Worked on: TAP-iola (Game Project) – I was a producer in a game production requested by a committee chaired by the Mayor of Espoo in collaboration between Espoo School of Art, South Tapiola High School, Espoo Music Institute’s Music-Technology Group, Aalto University New Media Department, and the Department of Art Education, which celebrated Heikki von Herzen’s 100th birthday.

Sr. Game Producer / Designer
SongHi Entertainment Oy
04.2013- 06.2014
Helped to reboot and create a professional game development team from the ground up in a producer role. My main responsibilities were to recruit and manage senior talent, make creative decisions alongside management, and get us pointed in the right direction as we began to grow. Once we stabilised, I transitioned into a designer role. My primary responsibilities were to help create and communicate a design’s vision with the rest of the development team, while making sure that it stays in focus with higher level vision requirements.

Game Designer
Digital Chocolate
01.2012- 04.2013
Conceptualize, design, create, nurture, listen, collaborate, and communicate a game’s vision with the rest of the development team to create awesome cross-platform games.

Community Coordinator
Digital Chocolate
07.2011- 12.2011
Used social media and the Internet to build a stronger social network with our customers.

Freelance Designer / Artist
Scribble Town!
06.2011-08.2011 (Contractual)
Art and Design of activity sheets and flyers.

Game Designer
Aalto University, School of Art and Design
06.2011- (Contractual)
Game Designer for Aalto University Media Factory.

Freelance Designer
Juhakiili Oy
06.2011- (Contractual)
Design consultation.  Designing & producing video tutorials.

Academic Computer Center Trainer
Delaware State University
01.2007- 04.2008
Develop / provide training for faculty, staff, students in current / future technology related applications and curriculums.

Network Control Specialist
Delaware Technical and Community College
05.2005- 01.2007
Manage and resolve network issues.  Point of contact for computer technicians.

Technology Maintenance Specialist
Caesar Rodney School District
11.1999- 05.2007
Maintain hardware / software integrity for all district wide computers.  Manage district technical liaisons.